“Who am I and why I’m here” Blogging101 assignment.

Who am I and why am I here?

Hello Fellow Bloggers, my name is Bonnie and I am here to learn as much as can about blogging, to help get my other ideas off the ground. I believe blogging is the gateway drug to internet marketing, just kidding, laughing out loud!

I am a Life Organizer, which is a cross between a life coach and professional organizer. laughing out loud again!!! So, you can probably guess what I am trying to accomplish, and I will be posting mostly about personal development and self help. I do believe I will also be developing my niche along the way as well.

My goal is to connect with as many “sad, unorganized people as possible and help them get back to living life again. To help someone to see and reach for new goals and accomplishments. I am also hoping to open a gateway for affiliate marketing, if I continue blogging successfully for the next year.

Thank you for reading my posts and blog.

I’m excited for feedback, comments and constructive critique.

I love comments!

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