A new kind of fighting in the front room!

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First off, I would just like to mention that I think I’m a pretty cool hip grandma. I’m all down with this whole computer generation and I even know enough about computers to have a blog. Go Grandma! Right?

Well just the other day, while the granddaughters were over visiting, I got the eye opener of a life time. Upon entering the front room, I hear squabbling between my 2 granddaughters. Oh I know, nothing new there, kids squabble and fight with one another all the time, especially siblings. Right?

Well! I walked in on something I have never seen before in my live. I just stood there dumbfounded, I could not believe what I was witnessing.  All I could do was watch in silent horror!

In one corner of the front room Claire is squatting on the chair in complete stress, whipping her finger across her iPad in a mad frenzy, her face is all scrunched up and she’s yelling at her sister Emma, all the while madly defending something on her iPad screen. “No! No! No! Don’t use the fire!” she screeches. As I look over at Emma, on the opposite side of the front room, she is also madly swiping her finger across her iPad. Only she has this evil grin on her face and she is giggling in a low growling voice. “No! No! Not the sword Emma, not the sword!” Claire bellows across the room.

Upon reaching Claire on this side of the front room, I looked down on to her iPad screen and could not believe what I was witnessing! Standing there welding a huge sword back and forth was the weirdest looking creature, trying to resemble a human being. It was 2 dimensional, but yet 3 dimensional, and the surroundings were square,  just plain odd-looking. All the while Claire is yelling at her sister to stop, frantically trying to get away from her sister’s character, who is chasing her character around with a huge sword, in this un-dimensional building. If that makes any sense? The disturbance finely got to the point where I actually had to give them the finger-pointing and lecture about being nice to each other. I could not believe the two of them were fighting each other in virtual reality. I’m like “are you kidding me!” Upon explaining the issue to their mother, I was further stunned by her reply, “awe, don’t worry about it mom, they do this all the time.” She explained to me that usually when it gets too heated, they have to put their iPad’s away and actually have to go play with each other.

I guess I’m not as hip as I thought. I knew you could play video games together on one screen, I suppose I didn’t realize how far technology really has gone. Now we can battle each other from across the room and not even touch each other. I can go and destroy your village, burn down your house, slay all your farm animals, murder you and your family, all while I’m sitting across the front room from you or even while I’m sitting next to you. CRAZY!

I can honestly say that I am not very keen to this new way of interacting with one another, but I’m not closed-minded either. Some how I can see this being the on set of our Zombie generation to come. A generation of people who never have to leave their homes for anything. Everything will be generated through a massive computer era, the computer supper age will dominate all we do…

I would love to read your comments and ideas on this topic. Do you think we can stop our kids and their kids generation from becoming a world of computer Zombies? Will it truly be the way of the new generations to come? Will people eventually get to the point of never having to leave their homes? Will the world become a place of abandonment, will the city streets be empty, buildings, warehouses, factory’s, gas stations, grocery stores all abandon because they are no longer needed. Everything in this era will be satisfied with computers, computers will control all the world and will be the sole provider for our every needs…

One thought on “A new kind of fighting in the front room!

  1. Nina says:

    The whole idea of virtual reality games makes me feel uncomfortable. It can be addictive for adult gamers so I don’t know what effect it has on a developing child’s brain. Like most things balance and moderation is key, so it’s great to have firm limits on screen time and encouraging a range of fun activities, especially spending time outdoors.

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