Writing 101/ write blindly for 20 minutes

writing blindly

To write blindly for twenty minutes without any aim or direction and no stopping till the 20 minutes are up. What do you suppose a writer would write about in 20 minutes?  What do you suppose someone would talk about if they knew they only had 20 minutes to talk? As I’m having a menopausal moment of heating up from the inside out I suppose one could talk about that… One thing I did notice a couple of summers ago while experiencing a memorable hot flash. I remember thinking it would be awesome to have all my long hair chopped off for the summer and how much cooler and easier it would be to care for. ( 12 mins into writing this ) Wrong! I went ahead and cut my hair short, style’n, looking good, until I went to blow dry my hair the next day. It didn’t seem to matter how long I stood there trying to get my hair dry. It seemed like the longer I had the hair dryer pointed at my head the wetter my hair got. Having a hot flash while trying to dry your short hair in the summer heat, is futile. Twenty minutes are up….

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