10 Super Simple Ways To Be Happy

Everyone strives to be happy but the mistake everyone makes is that they think happiness is some kind of finishing line in a race. Once you crossed that line, you will live happily ever after. That is not true. Happiness is a choice! You can choose to make your life happy. So here are a few ways you could try.

1. Let go of past memories.

Everyone has both sad and happy moments.
So forget about your painful memories. What’s in the past stays in the past. 
Instead, focus on your good memories and move on.

2. Be optimistic.

Always try looking on the bright side of things. Look for the silver lining behind each dark cloud. For example, if you had an unfortunate accident and your car is badly dented, but on the bright side, nobody got hurt and that dent in your car can be repaired. There is always a bright side to look on so be optimistic!                                                                                                       
3. Be close to your family

Try and maintain a close relationship with your family and friends. Our relationships with them have a greater impact on our happiness than anything else. Human beings are made to be social creatures. So appreciate the existing relationships that you have.

4. Try finding a job that gives you happiness.

If you are feeling stressed out in your current job and not getting the job satisfaction that you want, perhaps it’s time for a career change. Job satisfaction plays an important part in your happiness. So give your job a chance. Try having a positive attitude in your job.               If that doesn’t work, it may be time for a change of jobs.                                                            

 5. Make friends                                                                                                                                  

You need to make friends with people who share a common interest. Find something that you are deeply passionate about. It could be a hobby or an organization you can volunteer in. There you could meet people who have the same interest and passion as you.

6. Exercise. 

Exercising releases endorphins. So, not only are you taking care of your body but you will automatically start feeling good about yourself.

7. Change your thoughts.

You have to start living life to the fullest. Don’t delay your life a second longer. Try something new everyday or pick up a new skill!

8. Don’t let the small stuff bug you.

Remember all the small petty stuff that used to bother you? Forget all about it and focus on the bigger picture. Life is too short to be worry about trivial stuff.

9. Live your life for yourself 

Stop trying to live your life up to other people’s expectations. You are your own person. So start living it for yourself!

 10.Lastly, remember to love with all your heart.                               

You have all this love to give so give your love to something or someone and start feeling happy today! 


Photos by pexel.com

Written By:  Bonnie Swaile
CEO/Founder of OrganizingBetterSolutions                                             obsandbonnie.wordpress.com                                               searchinghappinessonline@gmail.com

Penmanship. For the love of the pen.

Pens and Pencils

My first recollection of pens and pencils, remembered as a small child, was admiring my mothers pretty stationary. What caught my eye the most, was the writing on the paper. It seemed perfectly lined even though there were no lines on the paper, all the words and letters were slanted in handwritten fashion. I remember the feel of the paper, how the ink looked and how in some places it was thicker and smudged.

I can see my mother now as if it were yesterday, pen in hand, face pressed close to the paper, writing as if it were her last words, and with her glasses on, I can still remember how smart and brilliant she looked on that day. The kitchen was filled with sunlight, the kitchen table was her desk. It was clean of anything kitchen related and became a place where she seemed to get lost in the motion of pen in hand and its connection with the piece of stationary. Often times there would be other stationary pieces on the table, with a different style of penmanship and it was not at all like my mother’s.

Fast forwarding to present day. I absolutely love my handwriting. Why? It is identical to my mothers, slanted and perfect in every way. I have spent hours, upon hours trying to perfect my penmanship. Which is probably a big reason why I didn’t do so well in school. I spent all my time perfecting my penmanship and not actually completing my homework. BIG FAT FAIL! Oh well, long gone, in the past, and I still have amazing handwriting. Laughing out loud…

I think the biggest thing that propelled me into this love of penmanship,  wait for it…..  was the feel of the pencil against the paper as it glided up and down between the lines. Such a feeling of control, I could make this pencil move in any direction I want it to. I could move it to be light and gentle or I could move it to be hard and rough.

As I grew older and graduated into the pen, I began to really experiment with my ability to use the pen. The feeling of the pen in my hand, the way the pen glided up and down between the lines was 10 times better than the pencil. How exciting! I also discover as I got older, that the pen to paper can change as my mood did. How brilliant is that? Sometimes it can be big and sloppy or at times it can be neat and proper. Ah, the discovery of the many different pen styles, Heaven! I had the most pens in one pencil case a student could ever possibly need. By then the pen requirements were becoming more sophisticated. Really, depending on the type and style of paper you have, there is a pen that goes with that style of paper. Sorry you didn’t know that. Laughing out loud again…

Now that I have reached a modest maturity level in my life, I mostly dedicated myself to the good old HB pencil. Yes I have tried all the fancy, insert the, lead, type pencils. Still prefer the, sharpen yourself, HB. My dedication over the years to many different types of pens, I finally ended up with two favourites, the Bic and Paper mate. I must admit though, I am always on the hunt for the perfect pen. It has to have the right fit to my hand, it has to have the right kind of movement on the paper, it has to have the right kind of point/ball tip and it has to be the right kind of blue. Every once in a while, with or during a mood change, I will change the colour of the pen as well.

I journal daily with my favourite pen, I still love the feel of the pen in my hand, the pen to paper, the way it glides up and down between the lines, I still remember the day of watching my mother at the kitchen table, writing return letters to friends and family. I can’t remember the last time I wrote a letter. Everyone I know today is on one or all of the social media networks and everyone totally has an email address or a .com, ( Giggling )

What in the world would I possibly do with a pen and paper now? Lets see; write in my journal, ( that’s only by choice, I could have a journal on my computer. ) taking notes, grocery list, by choice as well. I am starting to get used to the idea of putting the list in my phone instead. Still not quite a habit yet. Listing things to do on my to do list and then checking them off. Maybe marking a special note on the calendar. That’s about all I can come up with for now.

Do Best selling authors, poets, screenwriters, etc, still use pen and paper or are they slowly phasing out the pen as well?

Are the days of pens and pencils numbered?